The set of images below is the last trip to Talara «Training Program 2009» in which the company provided maintenance services OSPET one of the UNIPETRO oil wells in the first day we arrived, the following will detail :

Friends and colleagues staying at the inside of the lot CENCA IX-UNIPETRO during the 6 days that the program was extended
Distant view of trucks OSPET Well Service in charge of training Batanes 3523.

Servicio de Pozos
View of trucks at the same theater of operations.

Neck down through the pipe which was removed with a regular pulley size, more or less an 8th the size of the pulley that is used in drilling equipment

«Caballito» (swing) beheaded Varillon for the extraction of the rod string and well. It should be noted that most of the wells in this lot and in general the North-west Peru produced by mechanical pumping, some of Petrobras wells in this area also occur through the use of Gas Lift
Another view of the operation

Comparison between the diameter of the rod string and tubing diameter

Pipeline operator for moving the pulley hitch

The maintenance of the wells in the batch is done on average every two years due to various problems faced, including the obstruction caused by paraffin, the deterioration of pump and other elements which make the production decline

Tomassini y this blogger

Underground bomb test, was sucking water and making a move to check the transmission fluid, seen at the top the water jet that expels the pump (blue line form)

Injection of fluid into the well

«Crown» used in the cleaning of the well over 3000 feet.

OSPET team withdrawing from the end of the operation Lot IX


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