Hi all fans estimates blog, I write something in a hurry and worried because I am in final exams and courses as Perfo II, Transport (which is complicated for me overnight), Nuclei and Gas II will not leave me falling sleep as it should, in general I have complicated the picture as a matter of time rather than a matter of difficulty since as I mentioned I was traveling with a group of peers in Talara (north-west of Peru) for a week due to a Training Program developed by the company UNIPETRO-I noted that not blame him for the program but on the contrary I am glad that the cause of this predicament was that memorable event,

The trip was certainly a very interesting experience, we made what we were, to «meddle» in other words were in direct contact with the teams know, handling, sampling, etc., were housed in Camp 6 days without leaving the city and the task was run from 7am to 10 or 11 pm and at that time and we played our game (football) to relax and entertain in something, in short oil were many experiences that I experienced even had the chance to meet a Top Drive Rig Petreven operated and many other things which I will in a separate post, everything that made me reaffirm and renew my vocation as a student and professional future tanker.

And one of these episodes of learning was to determine the program’s functionality as well as equipment Echometer Well Analyzer to determine the level of fluid in the well, counting by acoustic waves couplings, torque testing and more.

One of the values that showed was a fluid level of 5 ‘into the well because it was a very old well over 70 years of operation.

The video shows Mr. Requena explaining part of the operation. The cable which is connected to Varillon hanging at the top near the head of the rocker (wrapped like phone cable) is the torque test.


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