Well is considered a reduced diameter casing complete with 4 «or less. In this project, wells were filled with coating 3 ½ «OD.
Pozos Slim Hole

Well to be selected reprofundizado, with a well service unit would begin to recover the installation of gas lift, then clean the well to lower pipe with a packer, and proceed with selective cementing to seal the punctured, because the large number of these and depletación of training was used with cement sealants nylon balls. After the last stage drilling cement, and pressure testing each interval to determine leak tightness, if not repeat the cement is forced. Thus, the well is ready to be drilled.
Before starting the reprofundizacion, was drilled collar and the shoe phone, then place a cement plug to start drilling into the objective, with the new angle and direction. In other cases it was necessary to spawn the casing to comply with the drilling parameters set. In either case the drilling bit was done with 4 ¾ «.

Production casing

Since wells are completed lined 5 ½ «internal diameter and 4,892 was» casing was used for 3 ½ «with an inner diameter of 2,992.» Casing was run initially as a liner with a hydraulic hanger from the bottom to above the top of the formation cemented once cemented was completed with a tie-back «using pipe 2 7 / 8» to surface. In other wells in the lining of 3 ½ «ran from the bottom to the surface, which improved the completion time.


The first wells are punched with «shape wire» (plates) for 2 1 / 8 «or 1 11/16» with 4 shots / ft, which had grip problems after fired the shots due to the deformation suffered by the plates by the high energy dissipated inside the casing, 3 ½ «by gunfire. In the following wells was used shotguns 2 1 / 8 «4 shots / ft finished with this problem. On one occasion we used pipe funky «coiled tubing» for this purpose.


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