sensor de presion y temperatura en bombas jet claw de pozos de petroleo
One of the biggest advantages of Jet Pump Claw is that memories can be adapted pressure and temperature recorders inside background. The pressure and temperature sensors (gauge memory) used by Sertecpet (company that makes these pumps) have the special characteristics to achieve full operation, operacon with smart batteries and have an interface unit for programming and testing. Likewise, store up to 1.4 million points to 10 000 psi pressure and withstands temperatures up to 300 ° F.

Pressure sensors and temperature of the Claw Jet pumps are easy to program in conventional or advanced, plus calibration and maintenance is very simple, thereby reducing operating costs.

The use of pressure and temperature sensors at the pumps for oil production wells lie in the restoration of pressure tests, static tests, tests flowing, Fall-off tests, well interference, etc. The information obtained from the pressure and temperature sensors (gauges memory) is very useful to evaluate the performance of wells and reservoirs. It determines the IP productivity index, permeability, boundaries (boundaries), interference between wells and formation damage (partial penetration, total damage).


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