Inyeccion de agua en proyectos piloto
To make a good forecast of injection is necessary to have reliable information about: Ed, arial coverage Displacement and Volumetric Efficiency (Ev). Each of these factors require sampling to obtain representative measurements of rock properties and fluid.

The pilot injections are a means to study the behavior of the recovery in situ sampling of the site. The behavior of the injection can be obtained at to get the performance you expect from a larger scale operations.

Limitations of a proposed water injection in oil wells:

* With small pilot increases the probability of locating in a non-representative of the site.
* The effects of a damaged well be more pronounced than a small number of wells.
* The loss of oil migration can result in an estimated recovery lower than what could be achieved with an injection on a larger scale.
* The injected water may be lost outside the pilot area, indicating higher water needs.

Clearly the importance of placing the pilot in a representative portion of the site.

The net thickness and So, are the most important variables. Net pay is available from cores or logs.

A damaged injector or a well located in a less permeable injection may produce lower costs. In an unbalanced arrangement produces injection. A damaged production well has a critical effect their results are likely to lower recoveries and higher oil migration

Information can be obtained from a Pilot Project Water Injection:

* At the beginning the main objective is to determine whether it could form an oil bank or an area of greater saturation.
* Information on water injectivity.


* Water injection is a proven process for oil recovery
* It is not always satisfactory and economically.
* There is a sound basis for the design of the water injection projects.
* The prediction methods have reached a high degree of refinement.
* We have at our disposal techniques for a good evaluation of the engineering of water injection.


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