* Values for one year = 12 months (2009)

Or rather the question should be: how much is gained in the oil industry? … Well this will depend on many factors in any work starting as the level of performance, obviously a practitioner or a Junior never going to win or fifth of someone with years of experience in a particular company. In addition to this variable, there is also the size of the company (if such trans-national or local), the degree of commitment that has to its workers and the role they play within the same, since for example There are certain variations between what wins a Drilling Engineer Reservoir and Production a few.

Apart from such variable, a study some months ago by the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers), an overview of how wages are average terms in the 5 continents of the men who belong to the industry that moves the world , the oil industry.

The study reflects the price declines suffered by the industry during 2009.

The Fig.1 and Fig 2. Presented the base pay and other compensation reported by SPE members working in Top 10 reciones arround the world. Overall, the global base pay in 2009 was 124 604 USD (per year) according to studies of SPE has been lower than 2% compared to the year 2008 and an average of COMPENSATION (wages plus other compensation) of 150 000 USD in 2009.

Likewise in the slides can still see:

* Payment oil base and other compensation of employees by region.
* Analysis by citizenchip.
* Compensation for job category and region of oil.
* Average payment for oil base by category and gender.
* Average payment for oil base by job category, gender and experience.


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