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1. Install the download management FlashGet 1.9

2. Go to these pages (HOSTED ON IRAN SERVER) are those that contain the download links to which should be directed (a product of everything I did before). Do not open them right there, I’ll explain in step 4.

  • PAPERS 2006
  • PAPERS 2007
  • PAPERS 2009

3. Open link in a new tab to copy the address out in the browser and paste it into your Flash Get. Then close the new tab that opened.

4. FlashGet stick to giving her address to the symbol +, then paste the URL address and give OK!
5. The paper will begin downloading and then be ready for viewing. Files downloaded from this program are housed in the Downloaded folder that is also found in the left bar.

NOTE: The papers are freed (released) and hosted on the server of an Iranian organization by both the creator of this post assumes no responsibility for any misuse that can be given to information.

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