• Composition of Oilfield Water
  • Summary of nomenclature and units for concentration of dissolved solids in formation waters
  • Common oilfield water patterns
  • Stiff diagram – how to elaborate
  • Bubble-point pressure of Oilfield Water
  • Formation Volumen Factor of Oilfield Water Bw (bbl/STB)
  • Curve of Formation Volumen Factor as a function of pressure at constant reservoir temperature
  • Bw=(1+deltaVwp)*(1-deltaVwt) – McCain Correlation
  • Change in volume of water as a function of reservoir temperature
  • Change in volume of water as a function of reservoir pressure and temperature
  • Density of Oilfield Water – changes between reservoir and surface
  • Effect of salinity on the density of brine – correlation
  • Solubility of Natural Gas in Water
  • Solubility of pure hydrocarbons in pure water at 200°F – Correlations, curves, graph
  • Solubility of Methane in pure water
  • The Coefficient of Isothermal Compressibility of Water – Above and under the Bubble Point
  • Effect of salinity on solubility of natural gas in water
  • Derivative of solution gas-water ratio with respect to pressure
  • Coefficient of viscosity of Oilfield Water
  • Shape of brine viscosity as a function of pressure at constaint reservoir temperature
  • Water viscosities at atmospheric pressure – correlations
  • Effects of pressure on the viscosity of water
  • Moisture contents of natural gases at low and high pressures
  • Solubility of Water in Natural Gas
  • Effects of salinity on the moisture contents of natural gases – Graph
  • Solubility of Water in Hydrocarbon Liquid at three-phase equilibria
  • Resistivity of Oilfield Water
  • Interfacial Tension
  • Gas-water interfacil tension
  • Interfacial tension of Water-Hydrocarbon Liquid


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