packers problems in oil wellsProblems and considerations in the Packers or oil well Gaskets.
Premature settlement before the indicated depth
During the journey to the bottom of the well, this is anchored at a depth unwanted unexpectedly, before reaching the goal, forcing a run on a new journey.

Do not settle to the bottom of the programmed depth

In making their respective moves to seat the packer to the agreed depth, it does not settle. In this case it is inevitable to perform a new journey.
Casing collars settlement with Subsequent Liqueo
The depth at which sits the same as a string packer, the packer does not seal well and produces the subsequent leaks.

Premature discharge after being seated
Upon completion of the operations set the packer or packer, and before or during the work of fracture or life of the well (Packer of production), producing a packer desasienta unwanted communication between zones and forced to perform a new trip, or take a well service equipment for a new maintenance work to the well.

Packers remorse when you want to download and remove the pipe
When you want to download the packer to continue the refurbishment work, they do not loose forcing special fishing operations that delay and raise the cost of the work. The two main causes for this happening are corrosion and scale.

Tightness test negative or sudden pressure drop
During the test works with plugs or fracturing, the pressure drops to zero or simply not up, which is due to faulty O-rings sealing the pistons need to make the packer and try to correct the problem, which raises the cost of labor.

Packer stuck on the way down or off (when down should re-shoot)
Normally jaws partially unpin packer which makes this go stuck in the trip, you might also scale and / or corrosion that is causing this effect.

Settlement less pressure value and / or weight range recommended
Which has no negative impact on the operation.

Settlement with increased pressure and / or weight range recommended
The mechanisms of the packer can sometimes be a little remorse, forced to use higher values ​​to the standards for successful completion of the transaction settlement. It has no negative impact on maneuvers.

Casing collapsed
Entrapment occurs packers under the collapsed area.


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