According to the anchoring system or packers packers can be classified as follows:

  • Recoverable Packers
  • Permanent Packers

Are those that fall with the tubing or drill pipe and may be recorded: mechanical or hydraulic. After settling, the packers can unseat and retrieved with the same pipe. Retrievable packers are an integral part of the string of production, therefore, to remove the pipe is necessary to remove the packer.

Packers can be classified as recoverable: Packers Mechanics and Hydraulics

Packers Mechanics
These packers are lowered with the production tubing and settlement is accomplished by turning the pipe in the direction of clockwise. The number of turns is determined by the depth and design of each manufacturer.

According to the characteristic of the operating surface for anchoring are classified as:

  • Compression or weight
  • Voltage
  • Compression / Tension / Rotation
types of mechanical packers

Mechanical Compression Packers
They are simple because they have only a system of anchoring the casing, have no internal flow valve, the sealing element can work up to 250 º F.

They are anchored when it comes to the depth of the pipe rotating settlement in the direction of clockwise to release the «J» of the internal profile of the mandrel, thus leaving the wedges and place weight on the plug to anchor the casing . To unseat enough to stress the pipe.

Mechanical Compression Double Packers
These devices are recoverable are double because they have dual anchoring system, equal to the mechanical grip of the packers and additional compression locks a hydraulic system which are operated by hydraulic pressure and the same are located below the valve circulation

Single-tension Packers
Recoverable and equipment are very similar to simple compression packers, the difference is that they have wedges and inverted cone, which is why the anchor system is stressing the pipe.

Its main application is in water injection wells and shallow production wells and pipeline completion of small diameter where the weight of this is insufficient to establish compression seals or weight

Packers Mechanical Tension and Compression
Like all the teams above are recoverable, has the versatility that can settle by applying compressive stress, tension and rotation.

They are used for production, injection, fractures, isolated areas and remedial cementing applications. Has ability to withstand high differential pressures stimulation after completing the well.

It is the most used in workover operations. Weight is known as its clamping mechanism is activated and tightness giving weight to the tubing string. To ensure fixation of fracture when working with a system of pistons that are activated hydraulically. Shirt has balanced the weight which can absorb all the pressure from below, helping to maintain the fixed packer.

These can be run with the tubing or can be placed with wireline equipment. In the latter case, taking as reference the necks recorded in the profile of cement to obtain a precise settlement. In case of formations with high bottom temperature (400 º F-450 º F), the safest method of settlement is to use a hydraulic strop down along with the tubing. Once seated the gasket, the settler is desasienta hydraulic pipe is removed along with the tubing.

The permanent packers can be considered as an integral part of the casing and tubing that can be removed and settled permanently leave the packer in the casing.

Usually it is necessary to destroy strawberries, for what is often called a drillable packer.


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