<div style=»text-align: justify;»>At net we found dozens of small oil terms translators but so far, in my opinion, none as complete as the Glossary of the Petroleum Industry Publishing Proubasta Penwell by Dolores. This glossary was referred to me for some time my Daniel and the Tiger Paw is definitely to continue recommending.

The glossary is useful if you translate a paper in question or to understand any oil literature in our language also allows you to find the equivalent of a term oil in Spanish into English.

The glossary is divided into two parts: English-Spanish (first part) and Spanish-English (second part).

As the cover says, has more than 25 000 terms and is good … and you know what I mean when I say that something is excellent!
<iframe style=»border: 0px none;» src=»http://books.google.com.pe/books?id=GyHonxk9RF0C&amp;lpg=PA75&amp;dq=glossary%20of%20petroleum%20industry%20english%20spanish%20proubasta%20download&amp;pg=PP3&amp;output=embed» frameborder=»0″ height=»650″ scrolling=»no» width=»500″></iframe>

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