Hello! How are you this Saturday?…well, I want to exhibit a special game developed by the oil company Chevron. Te game is called Energyville and in my opinion, the game is really more evolved than Oiligarchy.

The game is about stretegy, not so much like «Age of Empires» for example but it has certain grade of difficulty because you have to expand your city based on three major factors are: economic, environment and security. For instance, you can growth out your city economically but if you don’t take care of the environment or security, the fate is doomed to failure.

In the game you can construct the different components of the city like buildings, oil rigs where you havo to mix different kind of energy like nuclear, solar, wind and of course petroleum. There is a lot of information to explore in the game.

It’s great for students, teachers or anyone who’s interested in learning more about the complexities of energy management and how energy affects our cities and our lives. Well, for more details you can see the embedded video.


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