Standard Specification for Steel Castings, Carbon, for General Application

7. Tensile Properties
7.1 Except for Grades N-1 and N-2, one tension test shall be performed on each heat and the mechanical properties thus determined shall conform to the requirements specified in Table 2. The tension test shall be performed in accordance with Test Methods and Definitions A 370.
7.2 Test bars shall be poured in special blocks similar to those shown in Fig. 1 of Specification A 781/A 781M and from the same heat as the casting represented.
7.3 Test coupons may be cut from the heat-treated (if required) castings or cast integrally with the castings at the producer’s option.
7.4 The test bars for heat-treated castings shall be heat- treated in production furnaces to the same procedure as the castings they represent. When specified by the purchaser, the test bars shall be heat-treated with the castings.
7.5 Test specimens shall be machined to the form and dimensions shown in Figs. 4 and 5 of Test Methods and Definitions A 370.
7.6 If any specimen is machined improperly or if flaws are revealed by machining or during testing, the specimen may be discarded and another substituted from the same heat.
7.7 When this specification is applied to investment cast¬ings, test coupons and tension test specimens shall be obtained and prepared as directed in S3.2 of Specification A 732/ A 732M. Test coupons shall be heat treated as prescribed in 7.4.


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