Standard Specification for Steel Castings, Martensitic Stainless and Alloy, for Pressure-Containing Parts, Suitable for High-Temperature Service

5. Heat Treatment

5.1 All castings shall receive a heat treatment proper to their design and chemical composition.
5.2 Castings shall be furnished in the normalized and tempered conditions; Grades WC1, WC4, WC5, WC6, and CA15 shall be tempered at 1100°F [595°C] min; Grades WC9, C5, C12, and WC11 shall be tempered at 1250°F [675°C] min; Grade C12A shall be tempered at 1350°F [730°C] min.
5.3 Heat treatment shall be performed after castings have been allowed to cool below the transformation range.

6. Chemical Composition
6.1 The steel shall conform to the requirements as to chemical composition prescribed in Table 1.


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