jet claw pump sertecpet
In wells that do not have the energy to flow, the pump is used to stimulate Claw Jet production from the field, to determine their true potential and other parameters in short time. When testing with different flows and pressures, we obtain the points necessary to plot the slope and know the pressure of the reservoir with the help of Software Claw Pump. The result can be verified by the readings of the electronic pressure recorders with a temperature difference of up to + / -5%. In producing wells, Jet pump is used to redesign and optimize Claw type of artificial lift.

Claw Jet pump is based on the Venturi principle, which involves passing a fluid through a small area where there is a change of potential energy to kinetic, originating from the nozzle exit, and causing a suction formation fluid such as in the oil hydraulic pump. These fluids come in a constant called the throat area, then the mixture of fluids undergoes a change of kinetic energy to potential entry of an expanded area called diffuser, where the potential energy is responsible for carrying the fluid to the surface.


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