IMEX IMplicit-EXplicit Black Oil Simulator
IMEX is a full-featured three-phase, four-component black oil reservoir simulator for modelling primary depletion and secondary recovery processes in conventional oil and gas reservoirs. IMEX also models pseudo-miscible and polymer injection in conventional oil reservoirs, and primary depletion of gas condensate reservoirs, as well as the behavior of naturally or hydraulically fractured reservoirs.

IMEX has the capabilities and features required for small to massive (100+ million grid block) simulations for screening prospects, setting up pilot designs, monitoring and optimizing field operations, and complex fullfield reservoir studies, all with the objective of improving production
rates, ultimate recovery and value. The coupling of IMEX to surface pipeline network simulators provides a very effective solution for optimizing production from multi-field offshore developments or from large gas fields in which surface flowline constraints can affect reservoir performance and project economics.

Applications of IMEX:

Primary Depletion
• Infill drilling optimization
• Horizontal well placement
• Multi-lateral well placement
• Coning studies
• Under-saturated/saturated oil reservoirs
• Gas condensate reservoirs
• Gas deliverability forecasting
• Reservoir/surface facility optimization

Secondary Recovery
• Waterflooding
• Surface facilities modelling
• Polymer injection
• Dry gas injection
• Pseudo-miscible solvent injection
• WAG processes

Gas Storage Fields
• Cycle optimization

• Pressure-dependent porosity and permeability with hysteresis

Fractured Reservoirs
• Naturally fractured reservoirs
• Hydraulically fractured reservoirs
• Gas-oil gravity drainage

Pseudo-miscible and Polymer Injection Modelling
• Pseudo-miscible fluid injection
– solvent solubility in water, chase gas injection
– first contact miscible (Todd and Longstaff)
• Polymer injection
– aqueous phase viscosity increase
– polymer adsorption and dispersion
– absolute and relative permeability reductions

Advanced Well Modelling and Well Management Features
Well Modelling
• Fully implicit source/sink well model
• Vertical, inclined, horizontal and multi-lateral wells
• Horizontal wellbore friction pressure drop
• Wellbore crossflow
• Wellbore fluids mixing with full material balance

Well, Well Group and Surface Manifold Controls
• Pressure, rate, and ratio constraints for surface (tubing head) or downhole conditions
• Automatic switching criteria
• Alternative remedial actions
• Injection and production manifold controls

Surface Network
– Reservoir Model Coupling
• Surface network modelling software that can be run coupled to IMEX
– FORGAS – from Neotechnology

Consultants Ltd.
– GAP – from Petroleum Experts, Ltd.
• Single or multiple reservoirs
• Time-step level coupling
• Field development scheduling controls and constraints
• Multi-phase flow in both the gathering system and wellbore

Gridding Options Modelling Tools
• Fundamental grid options: cartesian, corner-point, cylindrical and fully unstructured
• Multi-level, static or recurrent local grid refinement (LGR) Naturally and Hydraulically

Fractured Reservoir Modelling
• Dual porosity
• Dual permeability
• Subdomain dual porosity
• Multiple interacting continua dual porosity
• Multi-phase non-Darcy flow
• Integrated to Pinnacle Technologies, Inc.’s FracProPT fracture design software
• Integrated to Fracture Technologies Ltd.’s WellWhiz well, completion and fracture design software

Other Features
• Tilted oil-water contact
• Gas condensate modelling
• Streamline calculation and output
• Multiple aquifer models
• API tracking for reservoirs with simple compositional gradients


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