carros sismicos
Trucks used in a seismic survey in the urban area of the DFW Airport neiborhood U.S.

gas flare flaring quemador de gas
Gas Flaring or burning gas commonly performed as part of Well Testing

Arbol de navidad petrolero Christmas tree
Once drilling is completed, the wellhead and flow control equipment are installed at the top of the well. The control equipment consists of output and safety valves that regulate the flow of oil. This team is often called «Christmas Tree» or «Christmas Tree Oil»

Tuberias de gas natural
Valve inspection of production of Natural Gas to ensure the safety of gas flow and prevent leaks.

Perforacion petrolera en la ciudad
This stunning photograph-the one I liked, shows a drilling operation in the heart of an urban area in USA. If the target is found under the buildings, horizontal drilling would most likely be the solution.

perforacion petrolera a principios de siglo
Drilling carried out massively in the early twentieth century in the U.S. when the industry began and the environmental issue was not yet subject to question.

simulacion sismica
Evaluation of a seismic model

Gas production is monitored by modern remote rangefinders that measure various parameters such as flow produced per day.


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