Well symbols: well location, oil well, oil and gas well, gas well, dry hole, shut-in well, abandoned oil well, abandoned gas well, dry hole with show of oil, dry hole with show of gas, plattform
symbols of oil and gas wellsStructure symbols: strike and dip of beds, strike and dip of overturned beds, anticline showing axis and plunge, syncline showing axis and plunge, dome, fault showing dip, normal fault hachures on downthrown side, thrust or reverse fault, barbs on upper plate, strike slip fault showing relative movement, normal fault no contours between the lines.

Structural geological map symbolsRock symbols: conglomerate, sandstone, sandy shale, shale, siltstone, claystone, limy sandstone, limy shale, igneous or metamorphic rocks, limestone, dolomitic limestone, dolomite, anhydrite, salt.

symbols of rock types in geologic mappingSpecial symbols for ages: triassic, cambrian, precambrian

symbols for geological ages


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