In an earlier date had posted about the advantages of artificial lift systems, this post will find the disadvantages of each system:


Unobtrusive in urban locations.
Heavy and bulky ne Offshore operations.
Susceptible to problems of paraffins.
The tubing can not be covered against corrosion.
Presents problems of friction in deviated wells.
The high production of solid represeta a problem.
The production of gas wells lose volumetric efficiency.
It has limited depth, due mainly to capidad rod.


Operation presents problems not so easy to operate by field staff.
Difficulty obtaining valid tests in low-volume wells.
Two strings of tubing required for some installations.
Power Oil System exposed to the danger of fire.
The high production of solids is a problem.
The need for venting makes the installation more expensive.

Electrosumergible pumping

The system is of limited depth (around 10 000 ft) due to the costs of cable and the failure to install sufficient power downhole.
The production of gas and solids are a problem.
Limiting the extent of the casing.
Not applicable for multiple completions.
Applicable only to elétrico.
Necessary high voltages (1000 V +/-).
Inapplicable to shallow wells.
Deterioration of cables at high temperatures.


The gas is not always available.
Difficulty lifting and crude viscous emulsions.
Problems and freezing of gas hydrates.
Difficult to remove valves highly deviated wells.


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