Today January 4th I must say to the United Arab Emirates people …¡Congratulations! you have now the highest building that the human have seen ever! (Burj Dubai Skycraper)…Because of that fact I would want to dedicate this post, I wanted to investige a bit about its oil and gas fields and specially about an important field called «Bu Hasa» on south-west of that country.
A regional view of the countries in the Persian Gulf, in red circle is United Arab Emirates in front of Iran and next to Saudi; its extension is something 86 000 km2 similar to «Madre de Dios» region in Perú

At this mayor view of UAE, the field -and city- Bu Hasa is circled by red, practically in the middle of desert, in the middle of nowhere; compare with the location of Dubai 😉

We approach with Google’s satellite to 22 km in height and can see a slight mound that is the oil field

This time to 2 Km in height, we can see a complete view of that oil field with total facilities that divides into twwo sections: the producing wells and storage tanks

Red circles are the oil wells, we can realize the increase on number of pipelines at Bu Hasa field
This another part, the storage tanks location with all the facilities in the field, I think it must be to make things like to separate gas and oil, and oil and water, and any other procedures.


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