Building on the success of the SPE Digital Energy and Intelligent Energy conferences held in Houston and Amsterdam, respectively, we have organized an international conference to address the key aspects of digital oilfield developments.

The focus of digital oilfield initiatives has shifted from planning and testing to deployment. Technologies have been tested and validated and continue to evolve. Challenges associated with managing sustainable strategies often involve people and process issues. The 2009 SPE Digital Energy Conference will examine these challenges and will emphasize case studies related to people, processes, and technology issues.

This year’s program committee is comprised of outstanding industry experts and executives active in SPE International, the SPE Gulf Coast Section, the SPE Information Technology Technical Section, and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

Major topics of in-depth discussions, panels, and papers are

  • Collaborative work environments
  • Decision-support centers
  • Real-time/remote operations centers
  • Integrated workflows: formalization of new work processes
  • Change management practices: the need for effective organizational change management
  • System requirements to support collaboration
  • Remote management of high-tech, high-risk operations: associated decision making and accountability
  • Visualization technologies and techniques
  • Case scenarios and lessons learned

In addition to the above sessions related to all aspects of deployment, the program committee is working to organize several very informative panel discussions to broaden the attendee’s knowledge in some of the most important issues facing our industry:

  • Business trends panel with CEOs and executives
  • Alternative energy panel including high-profile, outside-the-industry visionaries
  • Energy economics/energy outlook panel with executives and economists
  • CIO panel discussing people, processes, and technologies
  • People trends panel with young professionals and digital petroleum engineers
  • Employer trends/jobs panel with top recruiters in the industry

Digital Energy 2009 will present the leading innovations that are moving our industry forward and provide a forum for collaboration among innovators, implementers, and end users. Your contribution is vital to that mission.


Program Committee

Mehrzad Mahdavi, Chairman
Dexa Systems

Jake Booth
Booth Consulting

Philippe Flichy

Don Paul
Energy and Technology Strategy

Organizing Committee

Bart Stafford, Chairman

Yanni Charalambous
Occidental Petroleum Corp.

J. Roger Hite
Business Fundamentals Group

Michael Strathman
Aspen Technology, Inc.

Steve Wolhart
Pinnacle Technologies

Shaun Wright
PKO Services

Eric Kocian

Advisory Commitee

Tony Edwards
StepChange Global

Herb Yuan

Steve Watts

Peter Breunig

Don Moore
Occidental Petroleum Corp

Kamel Bennaceur



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