• Well Design: Planning process overview, data acquisition and analysis
  • Precompletion and completion design, casing design, directional design
  • Dogleg severity limits, BHA performance, Slant rig drilling, Wellpath
  • Well Programming: Preliminary work for the drilling program, Well control, Directional Planning, Drill Bit selection and hydraulics, Drilling fluids program, Casing running program, Cementing program, formation evaluation, Drilling problems-Avoidance planning.
  • Shallow gas, Drilling with a BOP Stack, High pressure, High temperature wells (HPHT), Dropping hole angle.
  • Reaction of clays to water (dispersion and flocculation) mud types available, polymers, oil muds, air, foamed.
  • Monobore Completions, Multiple String completions, Brines.
  • Hole and Casing sizes, pore pressures and fracture gradients.
  • Calculating Axial loads, buckling, torsional loads.
  • Slurry properties, chemicals washers and spacers, coring, stuck pipe, lost circulation.
  • Practical Wellsite Operations and Reporting: Well Control, Drilling fluid, Drilling problems, Casing, Cementing, Drill bits.
  • Kick prevention, detection and response, BOP, Solids control, barite plugs, Diesel oil bentonite plugs, post-job evaluation, drilling parameters, preventing keyseating, totco tool.
  • Writing the final report.
  • Calculanting kick tolerances
  • Drilling equipment lists by operation
  • Conductor setting depth for taking returns to the flowline.


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