ahorrar gasolina en los grifos
Well this post is not strictly linked to the petroleum engineering but rather as a general cultural tip that I found very interesting and wanted to share here on the blog. These are some ways to «save fuel» gasoline as regards some tips but by extension could be applied to those who have other supplies such as diesel. This kind of trivia may come in handy to those who have their own vehicle.

1. Walk before you buy
Prices may vary even between stations that sell the same brand. It is very difficult to find a service station that sells your favorite brand a little cheaper. You can also save money by switching to another brand of fuel.

2. Use credit cards gas stations
Some will offer discounts of between 5 and 10% of the normal price.

3. Purchase gasoline in the morning
During the morning, when temperatures are cooler, denser gas. Gas pumps measure and charge by volume, not by the density. In the morning, the volume that you buy will be more dense, will be getting more solid fuel vapors for the same money you can save gas.

4. Refuel at the busiest stations
Gas stations with great influx of customers fill their tanks often. Stations with less traffic they do so often, so your tanks can contain a certain amount of contaminated old fuel.

5. Turn the nozzle
Turn 180 º nozzle from the pump to finish loading. This can add up to 120ml to your tank because it manages to avoid the escape of vapors.

6. Stop using high octane gasoline
The high octane gasoline is more expensive than normal. If the engine of your car does not make unusual noises, use regular unleaded gasoline, and also help prevent global warming. Save several cents per load.

7. Do not load the tank to overflowing
The fuel pump needs time to extract the full amount you have requested. No it does when you load up the edge. So, you’re wasting money and fuel. Wait until the tank car was empty at least halfway to refilling.

8. Avoid gas stations just to recharge their tanks
The filling of underground tanks remove particles deposited on the bottom. If they go into the tank of your car, can impede the efficient distribution of fuel in your vehicle.

9. Upload your own gasoline
Use self-service pumps. If you load a dependent tank, there may be an extra charge for the service.

10. Tighten the lid.
Close the tank of your car until you hear the «click» of security. This prevents the gasoline to evaporate and escape.


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