The viscosity bioreductor VBR is a renewable resource produced from the refining of biofuel to improve the mobility of the extra heavy oil making it more manageable by allowing the interval to flow easily from farm to point of sale, ensuring the flow of oil at low temperatures .

The Viscosity Bioreductor VBR was created to enhance extra-heavy oil, a sustainable model based on social, economic and environmental high Innovative 100% Mexicano.

Substantial benefits from the use of viscosity Bioreductor VBR are:

  • Ensuring the flow of extra-heavy oil wells and pipeline transportation systems.
  • Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, this is accomplished by a balance of gases that absorb CO2 and plants to produce viscosity Bioreductor BRV.

Bio applications BRV Viscosity Reducer

  • The Bio viscosity reducer has been used to improve the productivity of extra-heavy oil field-Panuco-Cacalilao Ebony and Avocado among others.
  • It is used eventually to increase the transport capacity of the pipeline Cacalilao – Madero refinery, with good results.
  • The BRV also used to clean wells, organic stimulation to enhance production in mature fields, Biodiesel-based drilling muds and interior cleaning of pipelines.

With regard to oil pipeline, the viscosity bioreductor to:

  • Lower operating pressure
  • Increased API
  • Reduced viscosity


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