Drilling into highly reactive shale areas, especially in remote and environmentally sensitive locations, can present a dilemma. On the one hand, a fluid invert emulsion drilling could ideally provide superior shale inhibition and penetration rates necessary to meet its drilling targets. But on the other hand, environmental restrictions on oil or synthetic base fluids impose an economic and logistical barriers that could easily offset the savings achieved with a more efficient drilling. The economic aspect is even more problematic when projected formations contain areas highly prone to lost circulation.
With the ULTRADRIL *, MI SWACO has provided the industry with a water-based drilling fluid tested in the field, which has a remarkable inhibition of shale and drilling performance features previously only associated with invert emulsion systems. In addition, the economic system and high performance environment provides all the benefits you expect from a water-based drilling fluid.

ULTRADRIL system is the result of a comprehensive approach to performance. In the field, has failed to prove their ability in three respects: 1) inhibits a more reactive shales and provides an excellent wellbore stability, 2) encapsulates the cuts for higher and better hole cleaning fluid processing capacity, and 3) greatly reduces the increase of clay and plastic formations (gumbo) and bit balling. ULTRADRIL system has also shown ability to assist in the removal of gas hydrates, making it a candidate for deepwater projects.


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