THAI Operational Benefits
  • A higher potential for resource recovery – laboratory tests and numerical simulations project 60% to 80% of the heavy oil/bitumen in a reservoir can be recovered, compared with the 20% to 50% that is recovered through other in-situ methods.
  • The ability to be used in reservoirs where other steam-based recovery methods can not be used.
  • Lower capital and operating costs on THAI process oil sands.
  • Shorter construction period.
  • The ability to produce partially upgraded heavy oil, and reduced diluent requirements

THAI Environmental benefits

  • Minimal use of groundwater and natural gas.
  • Reduced surface facilities footprint.
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Production of industrial quality water that can be recovered and made available to other industrial operations.
  • Potential to use produced gas to generate electricity for operations.


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