In this post I specifically left the Table No. 23 of ASTM PETROLEUM MEASUREMENT TABLES which is very useful as it allows the API of a sample of crude oil to 60 ° F (about 15.56 ° C) which is the standard temperature to report those values.

Normally, laboratory conditions are not at 60 ° F, for example suppose we are in a region like Lima in which the temperature in one day reaches 20 ° C, about 68 ° F and our API measures obtained is 33.1, however this API is not adequate for a standard report (60 ° F) so we must resort to anteriormennte mmencionada table to make the correction.

In this table there is an axis X (so to speak) with the values of specific gravity and a Y axis with the observed temperature values, ie experimetal, we place and the simple work will be intersected by finding the specific gravity (and therefore API ) At standard temperature of 60 ° F which is suitable to make a report standardized API crude oil.

Tabla API


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