• The subsurface pump
  • The sucker rod string
  • The surface pumping equipment
  • The prime mover
  • Theoretical analysis of rod motion
  • The effective plunger stroke
  • Calculation of polished rod loads
  • Design of sucker rod strings
  • Pump plunger data
  • Tuging data
  • Data for design of tapered sucker rod string
  • Pump displacement and production rate
  • Cunterbalance desing
  • Calculation of torque
  • Power requirements of the primer mover
  • Summary of design equations
  • Steps in the design of a Pumping instalation
  • Factors in sucker rod and tubing failure
  • Use of the recording dynamometer in well analysis
  • Interpretation and applications of a dynamometer card
  • Problem well testing
  • Determination of pumping efficiencies
  • Problems


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