parte posterior de un balancin petrolero
Rocker back of a tanker, you can see the gas supply hose is the fuel with which these units operate in Block IX (Talara-Peru) which is obtained from the same fields, free of water and circulated most of these rockers for its operation. We can also appreciate a pointer (similar to a car), the belt speed as well as part of the cooling system (rectangular box), the operating system of these rockers is very similar to the mechanical operation of an automobile. These units ARROW brand.

The Rocker (horse) observed in its entirety. You can see the Crank, Counterweight (ambs formed as a hammer-green) and Geared (green part too) and Pittman arm (attached to Crank by Crank) that is connected by an equalizer which in the Balance turn ends at the Head of Mula.

UNIPETRO operator placing the gauge for measuring pressure in the well. The yellow line is that which is produced by gas and green petroleum.

We made the previous operation in a night.

Another image of a pressure measuring night about 11 pm. You can see the wellhead which differ in turn the casing and tubing, the tubing is obviously smaller diameter pipe for the flow of outgoing oil production, there are two outgoing lines, the lower corresponds to the production gas while it is low in these areas is sufficient to operate the «horses» in this block.


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