Petrobloggeros Hello! how they are doing? all quiet? … well then I present a great video-cam with the Father, we recorded in our last trip to Talara where we are by sampling at the wellhead as part of the Training Program 2009.

Prior to sampling, we conducted a study and implementation scheme by Don Lucho who also guided us in using the tools and equipment should be used as we see:

Our goal was to obtain, as appropriate and taking into account the care of the case, a representative sample of crude store it in a pressure bottle of 400 cc for onward shipment and analysis at the Laboratory of the Faculty PVT (UNI-Lima ) which then could be obtained viscosity, compressibility, strength factor (Bo), oil density, solubility, bubble point, etc.

Prior to our sampling plan to use a tubing 3 / 16 «(supported by French as the key tools, Stilson wrench, etc) which would be connected to production tubing through a reduction in one end and a standard valve in the other, which in turn would be connected to a gauge where we had to keep the pressure between 100 psi and 200 psi, well I think the picture is quite understandable and even a better experience leave you with the video that was shot around 11 pm in a well in Block IX (UNIPETRO)


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