Those who have not played small pieces to assemble and disassemble, who have not tested their ability to ingenuity and creativity in young children with puzzles and gadgets like those little pieces like world known as LEGO bricks.

I see this LEGOmanía has been constantly evolving and there are not only the classic models in which a head was broken arming, disarming and / or changing shape. You could say that there is no age for LEGOmanía now and this has contributed to produce ever new and ever more curious and interesting models this time approached our camp, the oil: D

In the video, a petrolegomaníano exposes the «horse oil» that armed with LEGO using a model that included things such as manual assembly and small parts to be emulated pitman arm, crank, counterweights, horse head, etc that are put in operation using a small motor that while the set looks simple, it is fun to watch as it moves up-and-down.


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