pvtp ipm petroleum softwarePVTP is a tool for the production or reservoir engineer to use to predict the effect of process conditions on the composition of hydrocarbon mixtures with accuracy and speed. The compositional behaviour of complex mixtures including gas mixtures, gas condensates, retrograde condensates, volatile oils and black oils can be interpreted and predicted with confidence.
The PVT package can be used as a stand-alone analytical tool, or can be used to generate tables of fluid properties, reduced compositions or matched parameters (Tc, P, ω Volume Shift Parameters and Binary Interaction Coefficients) for other applications such as reservoir simulators, well analysis packages, up to production process simulator.

The ability to manipulate and predict compositional changes using two distinct methodologies

  • The Black Oil Model
  • The Equation of State Model – EoS

Sample Recombination

  • Multi Stream Regression and Calculations
  • Decrease Simulation Time by Effective Matching and Grouping
  • Generate PVT Black Oil Tables
  • Swelling Test

A comprehensive set of standard options for Equation Of State modelling i.e.

  • Peng-Robinson Equation of State with Volume Shift
  • Soave-Redlich-Kwong Equation of State with Volume Shift

Calculate Compositional Gradients Versus Depth

Prediction of compositional changes based on the following

  • Constant Composition Expansion
  • Constant Volume Depletion
  • Depletion Study
  • Differential Expansion
  • Composite Differential Expansion

Comprehensive Separator Calculations including

  • Send part or all of the separator gas through up to 10 chillers
  • Replacement of separator train by K values
  • Replacement of separator/chiller train by Split factors

Calculation of LNG/LPG recoveries and compositions


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