Plunger lift systems are applicable to high gas–liquid ratio wells. They are very inexpensive installations. Plunger automatically keeps tubing clean of paraffin and scale. But they are good for low-rate wells normally less than 200 B/D.
  • Working Principle in Plunger Lift Systems
  • Design Guideline of Plunger Lift Systems
  • Estimate of Production Rates with Plunger Lift
  • GLR and Buildup Pressure Requirements
  • Rules of Thumb in Plunger Lift Systems
  • Analytical Method
  • Plunger Lift Models
  • Basic Foss and Gaul Equations (modified by Mower et al)
  • Example Problem: Plunger Lift Calculations
  • A sketch (scheme) of a plunger lift system


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