bombeo hidraulico piston

Ground equipment for Hydraulic Pump Piston Type basically consists of the following components:

1. Piping arrangement, to classify the different types of system facilities, such as fixed type plug, fixed piping, open type parallel pump and piping type.

2. Hydraulic pump suction: the principle of operation is similar to pumps Mechanical Oil Pump (can also be seen as the system operates hydraulic jet pump), just in a pumping station hydraulic piston, the rebar is inside the pump.

Hydraulic pumps are classified in single action pumps and double action. The single action fluid to the surface move in one direction, ie the movement of ascent or descent. The dual action moving fluid to the surface in both rounds, as they have suction valves and discharge on both sides of the piston that combine actions for opening and closing the suction and discharge valves of the same.

Piston pumps are made of a small set of pistons that go up and down alternately in a manner similar to the pistons of an engine from a rotary motion of the shaft. These pumps have several piston-cylinder assemblies so that while being sucked liquid pistons, others are driving, thus less pulsating flow, being more continuous the more pistons on pump, the liquid moves into the cylinder its expansion stroke and is then expelled in its compression stroke, thus producing the flow.

The efficiency of piston pumps is generally greater than any other, overcoming generally higher working pressures than gear pumps or vane.

The tight tolerances of these pumps makes them very sensitive to contamination of the liquid.

Depending on the arrangement of the pistons in relation to the shaft that drives these pumps can be classified into three types:

1. Axial pumps: the pistons are parallel and also parallel to the axis.
2. Radial pumps: the pistons are perpendicular to the axis, in the form of radios.
3. Transverse pumps: piston, perpendicular to the axis, are driven by connecting rods.

Of all these types that are currently used primarily in machinery are the first axial piston.

Axial piston pumps are not recommended for wells with high gas-oil because if the fluid contains a lot of fluid gas production, the ability to handle the cleaning fluid decreases each time the gas increases which results in low efficiency.


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