Hi all petroblogger@s!, I start the post before once again thanking all the preference for the blog, we are close to being 6000 petrobloggeros in becoming Facebook for a few weeks ago and the largest group of Spanish-speaking Oil Internet whose views are close and at 1500 Daily.

The evolution and growth leads to a small change that has been done in the blog is the blog for mail, as you know, the tray was usually housed in gmail, now happens to have an own mail domain whose address is also available on the bottom of the blog with the terminació

Good post about almost daily receive tens to tray unfortunately I fail to answer all and / or post your suggestions, apologies for that and say that I greatly value the contribution you are trying to convey.

One of those contributions is precisely by Jean who wants to share with the community Petroblogger some of their photos on an oil rig on land (Rotary rig) from the neighboring country of Venezuela as we see below:

Rotary Rig at Venezuela

Ram Blowout Preventer (BOP)

Driller’s Console

Parte de las casetas donde se aloja el equipo de trabajadores así como los diferentes servicios como el control de registros, laboratorios portátiles, etc.

Parte del Sistema de Circulación de un Equipo de Perforación

Blowout Preventer instalado, se puede observar el Annular Blowout Preventer (parte superior) así como los Ram Blowout Preventers.

Cuadrilla de perforación en acción

Otra vista de la plataforma petrolera en tierra


Jean en la foto como buen petrolero!

Diferencias entre la broca PDC y la broca tricónica

Espectacular foto durante la verificación del BOP

Parte del crew posando para Petroblogger -jeje-


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