programas petrolerosHi all, in this brief post I want to recommend a site that provides free access to different types of software oil (to evaluate models and petrophysical properties of a reservoir (reservoir) and the porosity, permeability, effective porosity, effective permeability, etc.

Specifically are mostly simple spreadsheets but versatile which can be modified according to the petrophysical parameters to be taken and results to be obtained.

There are 16 small oil programs (spreadsheets) which are:

1. KWIK. Oil program (spreadsheet) to analyze conventional oil wells, gas and tar sand which includes sand production data (pay zone), productivity and oil reserves.
2. ESP. Software oil for conventional oil and gas, including lithology, sand, net (net pay), productivity and reserves.
3. ART. Spreadsheet to analyze tar sands oil, includes sand net (net pay), productivity and reserves.
4. CORE. Oil worksheet to compare productivity data, net pay and reserves with ESP and ART, as well crossplots.
5. DST. Software to calculate the pressure oil buildup, including the methods of Horner and Ramey with plots.
6. CASH. Oil program to analyze cash flow, including a style-exploration, production forecasting and cash flow.
7. SCAL. Software for analyzing oil capillary pressure and includes crossplot to find the SWIR.
8. FRF. Oil worksheet to analyze the electrical properties records.
9. TVD. Oil program to find the True Vertical Depth (TVD) by 7 methods.
10. MECH. Software oil to find the mechanical properties and elastic constants including Poisson radius, shear, Young’s modulus and stress closure.
11. MODL. Record oil model seismic responses, including predicting the response of the fluid and rock.
12. DIP. Small oil program that includes apparent arbitrary dip and azimuth.
13. Pyrite. Small oil program that models the effects of pyrite in the resistivity and saturation of the oil reservoir rock.
14. TOC. Petroleum small tarball software that calculates the total organic content VS resistivity sonic logs, resistivity vs density.

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