The Petroleum Engineer is a professional who deals with the study of all factors of production from the extractive industries of oil and gas, the calculation, design, economic evaluation, construction and construction management in connection with the exploration and exploitation of reservoirs oil, gas and groundwater, the transport of extracted fluids, treatment and / or fitness for trading standards, planning, management and evaluation of projects and oil ventures, as well as groundwater and technological research applied to industry.

The Petroleum Engineer is qualified to address the general engineering problems concerning the movement of fluids into the earth, even in areas unrelated to oil, such as hydrology, underground waste storage, geothermal and seepage of effluent pollutant through the soil in the aquifer.

petroleum engineer at work

Petroleum Engineering, has an integrative approach that emphasizes maximum rationality in the proper use of human resources, capital and knowledge of the disciplines of Basic Science and Technology Basic Petroleum Engineering for alumni professionals have ability to plan, design, operate and control processes and operations that tend to produce oil, gas and groundwater, further processing, storage and transport to refining, processing or consumption.

Petroleum Engineer is a generalist in the oil industry, from exploration to extraction, transport, treatment, and also is a specialist in drilling, completion, production, study, simulation and reservoir management, calculation of reserves oil, gas and groundwater for the development of industry in general. The high technology involving the oil industry requires a specialist to operate, equipped with skills that allow you to learn to think in different situations, with a variety of interrelated factors that affect the normal process and require a creative effort, imaginative and full knowledge of it, being involved high levels of human security, capital goods and environmental preservation.


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