This video is just one of those filmed on my last trip to Talara in December of last year on the front we see a swing commonly known as «horse» by the typical pumping motion in Block IX for Unipetro.

The video also can appreciate the perspective Talareña with Tablazo desert in the background, just in case one Tablazo is a relatively young geologic zone that is in the process of lifting, we can hear the mechanical sound produced by the horse in the process of pumping oil to extract sends it to a fluid separator in the video in the side with a yellow pipe (elongated cylinder shaped) there are separated gaseous fluids of liquids oil and water liquid will go through pipe to the primary storage tanks for subsequent phase separation while the separated gas through a circulatory system will be stripped of its moisture as it is reused in the running of horses in this batch. Also worth mentioning that the separator has an numbering each half barrel fluid accumulates and releases it to the limit as a kind of toilet pump, leading to the pipes above.
Concluding the brief description, we also see two other horses in the background, know the total number of swings in this set but its daily production (whole lot) is about 300 bpd. The guys you see in the video are my friends who were part of the course.


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