The well casing is the use of special tubes are inserted into the drilled hole and then are cemented to achieve protection of the hole and then allow fluid flow from reservoir to surface. They are also known as: Liners, Tubing, Casing.

The primary reason for placing a casing in a well or take a well, is to provide protection to the hole in a safe, reliable and economical.

Among the most important functions of the casing are:

  • Preventing landslides in the well during drilling.
  • Avoid contamination of surface water.
  • Provide control formation pressures.
  • Prevent contamination of growing areas with strange fluids.
  • At the cement, communication can isolate the formations of interest.
  • Confine well production at intervals.
  • To facilitate surface equipment installation and production.

The number of casing string is placed in a well depends on the nature of the formations to cross and the final depth of hole. Different strings of casing that can be placed in a well are:

  • Driver ocean / pipe pile foundation or kneeling.
  • Conductor casing.
  • Surface casing.
  • Intermediate casing.
  • Production casing.
  • Shirt or «Liner»: Intermedia or goggles. Production.
  • Removable liner or «Tie-back
  • Pipe Production: Conductor casing. Surface casing. Intermediate casing. Production casing. Shirt or «Liner»
  • Intermediate or Protective: Shirt or «Liner» production. Production tubing. Driver. Tie back.


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