Oil bubbling with subsurface formation water (water reservoir) and ran through small channels

Oil flowed from small cones on the ground forming paddles, that does not indicate that the reservoir is below the area but could be tens of kilometers and maybe get there by any failure or fractuca as is typical in Talara.

Hehe it was the first time we saw a natural outcrop and we won the urge to collect oil in our bottles

My friend «zebra» collecting a sample of oil from the outcrop

Formation water that accumulates large amount of salt

Similar to the previous image but this time with oil remains Basset

When water evaporates training leaves huge amounts of salts in solid form with traces of oil

The salt water left to evaporate, forming a layer of solid and consistent as you can see in the picture where you can see who supports the average weight of a person.

Formation water

Oil-impregnated soil

Bituminous rock samples, ie oil-impregnated rock surface. When the price of oil exceeded $ 100 were being exploited by designing projects as bituminous rocks especially in Canada where as I heard there eejits where mines are exploited as going after a heating process.


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