Fishing operation

Fishing is any operation which aims at the recovery of foreign objects left inside the well during drilling, workover pulling or work. In the oil industry, fishing refers to the application of tools, equipment and technology for the removal of rubbish or unwanted things in a well.

The key elements in the haul includes understanding the scope, nature of the fish to remove the conditions that exist in the well, the tools and techniques to be employed.

The keys to the success of a fishing operation are: cutting, grinding and removal of fish.

Fish in the oil industry. What is a fish

A fish is any object that is left in a well, could be a piece of metal, a tool in the hand, a section of pipe, a measuring tool or other device. Once the object is stuck in the hole is called a fish.

Fish Causes of hollow tubing.
The main causes are associated with the breakdown of the production tubing, sand or waste accumulation of training and failure of completion tools and accessories.

Considerations to start fishing in a pool of oil

* Maintain a detailed and comprehensive record of the lengths and diameters of the different components of the drill string.
* Understand the mechanical constraints (maximum tension, burst pressure, etc.) of the drill pipe and tools used in each job.
* Make a selection of tools for each job and carefully plan each phase of the operation.
* Have indicators string weight, torque and pressure of the pump calibrated and in good working condition.
* Maintain the conditions and workover fluid properties in good condition.
* Avoid any type of simplicación.

Analysis before a cased hole fishing

Before putting any fishing tool should know the following:

* Inside diameter of casing – Select diameter seat.
* Inner and outer diameter of the fish – Select box.
* Diameter minimum allowable step (drift). Diameter is recommended to select the tools so as to allow them free passage.
* Deep fish cap.
* Form the top of the fish.


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