An interesting paper about this industry in that country that I got from the last Ingepet development in my country Peru tha last year (2008). The original paper was in swf file so I tried to convert to pdf for sharing around the world in my blog. It was a little difficult because I couldnt’t find an specific program to convert swf to pdf but I copied the text in images that everyone can read and I saved in a zip file.
Well without further ado, here show the principles items about the paper that you can download. An special greeting to Iran that I would like to visit someday for knowing his culture and different sightseeing places.
Iran Petroleum
Exponent: Hedayat Omidvar (Research and Department National Iranian Gas Company)
  • Abstract
  • Preface
  • Natural Gas Treating & Dehydration Capacity
  • THE FADJR ( KANGAN ) plant capacity increase
  • Sh.Hashemi Nejad (Khangiran) plants phase Two construction
  • South pars Gas plant
  • Persian Dehydration plant
  • Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines
  • The Iranian Gas Trunk line iv
  • The Iranian Gas Trunk line V
  • The Iranian Gas Trunk line VI
  • Gas Delivery Project to the Sistan & Baluchestan Province
  • The Iranian Gas Trunk line VII
  • The project includes 48 cities
  • The Iranian Gas Trunk line VIII
  • The Main Transmission Pipeline project (loop – line )
  • Other Main Transmission pipelines
  • Gas compressor stations
  • National Gas Dispatching Project
  • BUY Back Project-phase II
  • Iran’s Natural Gas Trade
  • Varamin’s Yortshie Reservoir
  • Ghom’s Sarajeh Reservoir
  • Other Reservoirs


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