The process is a technology landfarming bioremediation of contaminated soils, solids produced from the drilling mud, or soil material characteristics by which microorganisms produce environment-friendly materials, or products that pose no danger stabilized.
During operation of the contaminated materials landfarming are scattered over an area of land, or are removed from the site and stacked on an impermeable surface (pits considerable volumes) to avoid contamination of the layers of soil or water which is below. Natural populations of soil microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa) grow into the material using the contaminant as a food source, making it a safe product.

The march of the process are encouraged, monitored and controlled by the following parameters:

Mixed (tracking)

* Leachate collection system (sand or gravel)
Waterproof housing soil (clay or geomembrane)
* Moisture content (irrigation water)
* Oxygenation level (track or forced ventilation)
* Nutrient (Macro elements are added as needed)

Equipment and field requirements:

The landfarming used farm equipment business such as tractors, plows, irrigation hoses, and sprinklers on. The technology requires large open areas where disperse the material to create handling units, and these areas should be prepared to have adequate drainage, access to equipment and materials handling.


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