Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)
is fully owned by the State of Kuwait. Its diverse business interests across the spectrum encompass all aspects of the hydrocarbon industry, from onshore and offshore upstream exploration through production and refining, marketing, retailing, petrochemicals, as well as, marine transportation.
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation was founded in 1980 as an umbrella organisation to manage the country’s diversified oil interests. As a group, KPC is actively involved in every aspect of the oil and gas industry. It engages itself in activities that range from discovering new reservoirs to delivering clean and safe fuel for motor vehicles, airplanes, ships, agriculture and power stations. It also provides several base petrochemical products that are essential for the industrial manufacturing of several basic amenities of our modern day.

From its Head-Office located in Kuwait City, KPC strategically coordinates and supervises the various group subsidiaries. It finances their operations and oversees the marketing of crude oil, refined product and gas in foreign markets. The Corporation also provides significant support to the Kuwait Ministry of Oil in its dealings with other member countries of the OPEC.

To support its international business interests, KPC has several Regional Marketing Offices that are strategically located across the globe, from Houston to London, Mumbai and Pakistan to Singapore and Tokyo. These offices effectively contribute to the sales and marketing operations of KPC and its subsidiaries, in line with its short-term and long-term strategies. Their scope of work includes regional market analysis, establishing and maintaining relations with other key oil players, increasing KPC’s share in existing markets, as well as, entering new ones.


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