junk basket toolJunk basket is a fishing tool that looks like an overshot and is used to retrieve small fish from the bottom of a well. The junk basket is run on a fishing string above a bit or milling tool The junk basket consists of a shoe, a sub with retainer fingers, a bowl or basket, and an upper body. The spring-loaded horizontal retainer fingers are attached to a rotating ring and catch any junk above them. The small fish particles are carried up the inside of the basket by reverse circulation of 2 fluid and caught in the basket. The junk basket can retrieve roller cones, hand tools, short pieces of wire line, and other particles of that size.
A poor-boy junk basket was one of the first, rotary fishing tools. Some modern types of junk baskets include the core-type, boot basket, circulation junk basket, finger shoe, junk basket with magnet insert, and the double catcher. A reverse-circulation junk basket uses a hall pumped down the fishing string to cause the drilling mud to jet out the nozzles in the basket. This causes reverse circulation, and the junk is sucked into the tool. A junk basket is in contrast to a boot basket, basket sub, or junk sub that uses normal circulation and catches the fish on the outside of the tool.


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