trabajos petroleros
Among the suggestions often come to the blog tray are those who seek to publish a job offer petroleum (oil and gas jobs) for development in the different phases of the industry. Well, it made the clarification that Petroblogger is a separate page that is not tied to a specific institution that can give them direct information about it.

What is possible in the blog (as media) is to propose some addresses of websites specialized in oil and gas jobs, jobs in oil and gas or oil industry jobs.

These websites specialized in offering good jobs oil jobs in different parts of the world as the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia (Saudi Aramco), although common denominator among its requirements certain years of experience or expertise in either the drilling area (drilling) on land (onshore) and offshore (offshore) in the area of reservoirs (Reservoirs), in the area of geosciences, logistics, production, transport (transport and storage), etc with fluent language English.

I have understood that the nominations are made between professional and / or technicians from around the world and that the salaries offered ofertanets countries especially the Middle East are very high and the lifestyle that has really good as you can see a video of Benefits of Working at Saudi Aramco. Well between those sites that do this kind of recruitment include Oil Careers, Rig Zone and Oil and Gas Job Search among others.


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