The Jet type hydraulic pump is a mechanism of production of oil wells, which acts by transferring power to an underground pump to a pressurized fluid is pumped through the tubing. Underground pump acts as a transformer converting fluid energy into potential energy driving or pressure on the fluids.

The jet pump groundwater, the pumping action achieved through the transfer of energy between two fluid streams. The high pressure driving fluid sent from the surface passes through a nozzle where its potential energy or pressure is converted into kinetic energy in a jet of fluid at high speed. Producing fluid is sucked and mixed with the driving fluid in the throat of the pump and brought to surface.

No rods or cables required to transmit electric power to pump groundwater. It is a system with two pumps a surface that provides the driving fluid and in the background that works to produce fluids from the wells. The subsurface pump can be installed and retrieved hydraulically or cable units. Produced fluids can be used as motive fluid. Maintenance is low cost and easy implementation.

Advantages of hydraulic pumping Jet Type

  • Flexibility in production rate.
  • Calculation of the PWF in flowing conditions for the design program.
  • Jet Pump has no moving parts which means high durability and reduced maintenance time.
  • It can be installed in deviated wells.
  • It can be easily operated by remote control.
  • You can pump all kinds of crude oil, including heavy oils.
  • Subsurface pumps can be circulated or recovered hydraulically. This advantage is very important because it reduces the requirements of workover rigs (workover) to the maintenance of ground equipment.
  • Jet Pump is easily optimized by changing the size of the nozzle and throat.
  • Very suitable for meter installation pressure due to its low vibration.
  • Very suitable for urban or near urban areas, offshore platforms and environmentally sensitive areas.
  • It Can handle fluids contaminated with CO2, SO2, gas and sand.


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