The Ormen Lange project was developed by Norske Shell to be a subsea, high-rate gas project that required robust sand control to prevent failure by erosion while preventing plugging by fines. Further complicating the project was that it would be the first project for Shell in Norway using a floating rig in the extreme seas conditions of the North Sea.
Open hole gravel packing was the chosen method after careful studies of sand control systems. The Baker Hughes CS-AP tool system selected as the best solution for providing these services. The field-proven CS-AP system achieves the requirements of low risk and reliable gravel packing using positive tool locating abilities that prevent errant tool movement in floating rig environments. Fluid is able to bypass the CS-AP service tool and prevent surge and swab to the formation during all tool movements. The AP feature allows for the filter cake to be dispersed following the gravel pack with clean up and a high return permeability.

Flawless execution of the design, deployment, and execution of the open hole gravel packs in these tough conditions allowed for all 10 wells to be 100% gravel packed and currently produce 10 million m3/day, showcasing the CS-AP as a highest performing open hole gravel packing tool system.


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