MiSwaco31 MAY- 02 JUNE2010

Marrakech, MOROCCO

Workshop Topics Include:
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Creating effective IOR/EOR decision models and development strategies
  • Proactive reservoir management and why it is crucial to improve oil recovery
  • Managing successful IOR/EOR applications in mature fields to secure future supply
  • Managing offshore projects; overcoming constraints imposed by the offshore environment
  • Mechanism and screening; applying the right technique to suit your reservoir conditions
  • Drilling and well technology to achieve increased oil recovery
  • Pilot, production operations and facility design
  • Analyzing recovery methods and the most effective way to implement them:

– Water flooding; New water-assisted methods to optimize the water flood efficiency
– IOR/EOR using surfactant, chemical (polymer) and thermal
– Gas, CO2 IOR/EOR
– Microbial oil recovery

  • Identifying ways to close technology gaps
  • Investigating innovative high impact technologies to keep up with the evolving advances in technology

Technical Steering Committee Includes:

· Ahmed Ali Abdullah, Chairman,
Petroleum Exploration and Production Authority (PEPA) Yemen
· Saleh Al Heliani, Operations Engineering Manager,
Nexen Yemen
· Abdullah Dhafeeri, Specialist E & P Technology,
Al Khafji Joint Operations
· Zara Khatib, Manager for Technology MENA,
· Nabil Saleh Al-Gawsi , Executive Manager,
· Don Lipinski, Vice President,
Occidental Petroleum, Yemen
· Abdullah Al Qadi, Director E & P,
Crescent Petroleum
· Harry L. Chang, President,
Chemor Tech International, LLC
· Elsayed Latif Bedair, General Manager for Reservoir Engineering,
· Salman Ashidi, Deputy General Manager, Subsurface Development Manager,
Dove Energy Limited Yemen
· Sidqi Abu-Khamsin, Chairman of Petroleum Engineering,
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
· Mohd Amro, Chair, Reservoir, Production and Storage Engineering,
Technical University of Bergakademie Freiberg
· Mohammed Doghmi, Abu-Dhabi Regional Technology Center Manager,
· Mohamed Menissi , Subsurface & Field Development Manager,
National Petroleum Company, Petzed Investment & Project Management Ltd.
· Bandar Al-Anazi, Researcher, Petroleum & Gas Center,
King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST)
· Mohamed Samir, Reservoir Development Manager,
Scimitar Production
· Luigi Clavareau, Petroleum Geologist, Director of International Operations,
Geo Microbial Technologies
· Ben Turner, Global International Technology Consultant,
· John Moffat, Middle East Regional Manager,
Omni Oil Technologies
· Aly Hamouda, Professor of Petroleum Engineering,
University of Stavanger
· Susan M. Schrader, Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering,
Montana Tech

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