Conference at Morocco

The event will be held in Morocco on 17-20 October 2010.

Knowledge expansion provides the oil and gas industry with a platform of outpouring knowledge. Knowledge Expansion is a provider of technical solutions through training and development which facilitate the transfer of technological and managerial know-how- to contribute to the responsible development of people, industry and the environment. Our Technical workshops are designed to stimulate knowledge, expansion, & transfer.

The 2010 Global Drilling Knowledge Expansion Round Table Workshop’s theme “Time to do the right thing well construction from planning to plug and abandonment”. has attracted oil and gas professionals from all over the world to indulge in sharing their experiences through presentations supported by case studies, break out discussion groups and networking. This full four day programme has been designed by the industry targeting cutting edge technology to improve day to day drilling operations, from the initial planning stage, work over, to plug and abandonment.

With your skills and vast experience in the related field, it will surely help us achieve the aims and objective of this workshop and add great value to the industry. Kindly share the information with your colleagues and team members giving them also an opportunity to be a part of this world class gathering in Morocco.


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